Monday, 20 May 2013

Western University Physics Lab Tour

On May 15th, following the RIOT Bench to Bedside Presentation, the Saunders Cancer Club was treated to a tour of the first year physics laboratories at Western University by Dr. Kanthi Kaluarachchi.
Dr. Jerry Battista and Linada Kaci demonstrated the DeskCAT. The DeskCAT is a desktop optical CT scanner, used to demonstrate and teach the physical and mathematical principles underpinning the x-ray CT scanners found in hospitals. Computed Tomography (CT) is an important imaging tool physicians use in the care of people with cancer and other diseases. You can learn more about the made in London DeskCAT in this Western News article, this YouTube video and the manufacturer’s website.
We thank Drs. Kaluarachchi and Battista, and Ms Kaci for providing a very engaging and interesting lab tour. Photo credit: Henry Leparskas.

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